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When you monetizing with Adwe you get instant access to all major advertisers around the world.

Maintain full control over the ads you show using category and special filters, and decide when and where ads are displayed in your app. For example, you can block ads from general categories such as Shopping, Insurance, Real Estate, and Sport. Or you can use analytic center to review individual ads before and after they are shown in your app.

When advertisers compete, you win. As more advertisers compete to show their ads in your app, they pay higher CPMs in order to win out over their competition. This means you earn more revenue.

Lightweight SDK

Simple to use and implement.

Adwe SDK
Adwe for Publishers provides access to thousands of advertisers through a single Publisher API. You’ll also gain access to Adwe Analytics with the same few lines of code.

Easy implementation

Start right away

Adwe mobile ad formats
Once you’ve added an ad space to your app, all ad management occurs server-side, allowing you to update everything from eCPM floors to user rewards at any time with no code changes.

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